Bangkok, Thailand:  Thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of prayers and encouragement on behalf of David and Naomi Phillips, Southeast Asia Field Strategy Coordinator.

SE Asia Field Strategy Coordinator to Undergo Surgery for Cancer

July 27, Update on Surgery for David Phillips

Please see the following update received from David on August 4th.

I was released from the hospital last Thursday (July 30th) at noon. The surgeon said that my recovery was remarkable.  I rested at home for the next few days and was able to attend church on Sunday. 

My sleep has been off and on all day and night. When I am awake I have about 4 to 5 hours of energy before needing to sleep or rest again. But that is gradually increasing. I am eating normally and all systems are working!! Thank God!! and Thank you for praying for us!!

David & Naomi at home in Bangkok.

David & Naomi at home in Bangkok, after the surgery.

While not able to travel until August 26, I am able to work from home as my energy level allows, and can walk short distances, a little further each day. 

We have received the official surgical report and to summarize, a large area of “bad stuff” has been removed, and it is now recommended that Chemotherapy be started as follow up. 

We are consulting with several people and obtaining as many medical opinions as possible, as to the type of Chemo, length of treatment, and where best to obtain the treatment. 

Thank you so much for your incredible prayers and encouragement to-date, and for your continued prayers as we travel this journey.  We feel so very loved and supported. – David and Naomi Phillips