Funding the Missions

A Legacy of Giving

The Church of the Nazarene has always been greatly involved in missions. The church is currently reaching around the world in more than 159 areas. Whether evangelism at home or abroad, it is essential that we seek to spread the gospel in everything we do. To accomplish this, our churches around the world unite through volunteer hours, prayer, and financial giving. Around the world, Nazarenes thrill in giving for the good of others.

This legacy of generosity continues to inspire us as we work to fund the mission of the church,

“To make Chrislike disciples in the nations.”


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World Evangelism Fund

Alabaster Offering

Special Offering


Living on Less, Corporately

The Church of the Nazarene strives to use money wisely and with the greatest impact possible. While the Funding the Mission formula allocates about 25% less to the structure of the church and its organizational support of ministries than the previous formula, the global mission is becoming more effective.

The Church of the Nazarene continues to thrive, as it has historically, because of the generosity of its members.