Philippines – Micronesia

Officially Established in the Philippines in 1946, Guam in 1971, Palau in 1995, Saipan and Federated States of Micronesia in 2000.
Population: 105 Million
Institutions: Philippine Nazarene College, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Visayas Nazarene Bible College & Shechem Children’s Home
Facebook Page: @pmnazarene
Field Strategy Coordinator: Rev. Arnel Piliin


The Church of the Nazarene in the Philippines

May 19, 1946 is the founding day of the Church of the Nazarene in the Philippines. The Philippines has a population of 110,000 million at present. According to the statistical report, the Church of the Nazarene Philippines has 401 churches and a total of 26,000 members in the year 2021.

In 2021, we witnessed and celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Church of the Nazarene in Cabanatuan, the first stablished church in the Philippines. It was an amazing experience for us to witness the celebration since it was during pandemic and yet God gave His favor for the church to celebrate the Jubilee of His faithfulness and grace in the Philippine churches. Our thoughts went back to our forefathers with gratefulness for giving their life to God and His work. Their commitment and labor brought us to this moment of reminiscing the past and looking forward to what God has planned for our church.

With the theme “Rise Up and Go” of the field, we see the needs of every district and Pastor to move forward. In line with this theme, the Field has the program for pastors and workers on enhancing their proficiency in preaching, planting churches and financial assistance. A preaching academy was conducted. It was led by Rev. Hyo Kyung Kim who connected us to a renowned Korean Pastor. We also we organized and led a Dynamic Church Planting essentials training with Rev. Oni Plantilla who is presently ministering in USA. Just recently we started the Jesus Film ministry in the Philippines as a tool to reach out the lost. Another significant ministry by the Field is the Chaplaincy Ministry that provides moral and spiritual enhancement and training for our military men.

Even during pandemic God gives us an amazing opportunity to witness how His church is moving in reaching the lost and stablish His churches around the Philippines. This year, 22 churches were organized. Even though we are hampered by Covid 19, many churches and pastors were affected and suffered the loss of some of their members due to the virus, we still praise and honor God. He is still moving mightily in our midst. Praise be to His Name.

Not only the covid -19 become the huge mountain to cross, we are also troubled by typhoon Odette last December 2021 which razed the Visayas and Mindanao area. Many of our churches and people were affected. Many churches and houses were smashed and properties damaged. For more than a month the Central Visayas area did not have water and electricity. Yet we again witness the works of the Lord through NCM that mobilized our churches and people for immediate response to the need of our churches and the communities affected as well. God touched many churches, districts, private entities and individuals, and the field office to support and give financial assistance to our affected brethren and churches. FSC Rev. Arnel Piliin with his wife visited the area and provided moral support, message of hope, encouragement by giving some food for the body and soul for the community.

The Church of the Nazarene in Micronesia

Our ministry is not only in the Philippines, but Micronesia is also a significant part of us. The first district assembly for the Micronesia District was held on March 22-24, 1996. Prior to that, the work in Micronesia was part of the Hawaii Pacific District.

The first church was the Guam Church of the Nazarene which was officially organized as the Micronesia Church of the Nazarene on December 17, 1971.

At present, there are four churches in Micronesia District, which are located on the islands of Chuuk (organized 2000), Guam (organized 1971), Pohnpei (organized 2005), and Saipan (organized 2005). There are 156 members reported in 2021.

There are exciting ministries in Micronesia District. Chuuk has been reaching out to other islands with evangelistic ministries. They are building a second floor to their education building using Alabaster funds. Guam has emerging youth leaders involved in leading worship and leading youth Bible studies. Pohnpei has Church development and growth of local leaders. An in Saipan, a family of five who was with us a few years ago is returning to Saipan next month. And we have another family of five that will be here this summer. They covered the ministry for a summer several years back and have committed to come take on the ministry with a one year overlap with the Buchers before their retirement (summer of 2023).

The Lord has amazing plans for our churches and people here in Philippines and Micronesia Field. We rejoice at what He has done for the ministry and enthusiastically anticipate more of His wondrous works in the Philippines and Micronesia. Glory to God alone!