TEACH (Teaching, Equipping A Child Holistically) is a holistic Child Development Center run by the Ormoc Church of the Nazarene, in Eastern Visayas, and in partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Philippines. The CDC, under the leadership of Rev. Susan Balasbas and project director Jemuel Suganob, was born in response to the needs of the children, families, and community after the devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

TEACH Ormoc continues to work for children and families in their community. The work and the passion of the volunteers did not stop in spite of the pandemic. They continue to provide the printing of modules from their community school and tutorials to the children in the neighborhood. NCM has provided the approved learning hub equipment for the children. This equipment allows the children to go online and do class and research studies whenever they need to.

In addition to supporting the children, the church provides a midweek prayer meeting that the parents are diligent in attending. The Church and CDC families conducted a donation drive and collected relief packages to be sent to help in the disaster relief efforts for those hit by typhoons on the island of Luzon.

TEACH also partners with other community organizations that advocate for children and has received an award as a major contributor in making Ormoc City the most Child-friendly city in Eastern Visayas, Philippines.

Ormoc Church of the Nazarene is reaching out to their community with their limited resources with thankful hearts for God’s unlimited provision. May the Lord continue to bless this community through the local church.

Submitted by:
JEMUEL SUGANOB, TEACH Project Coordinator
Ormoc Church of the Nazarene