On September 22, 2019, Nazarene churches around the world will join together to celebrate Freedom Sunday. This is an opportunity to focus on the ministry to those vulnerable to human trafficking around the world. Local churches can participate through prayer, advocacy, and supporting local ministries. One such ministry is Shechem Children’s Home in the Philippines. Shechem is a short-term residential assessment center, with the aim of providing a safe place for children rescued from online sexual exploitation. Numerous other ministries also serve to fight human trafficking around the world.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries has provided a website with resources and prayer guides for local churches to bring attention to human trafficking in their local church. You can download these resources at the NCM website. There you will also find information on the Freedom Offering, an offering to be taken on September 22, 2019 that will support church-led ministries who minister to survivors of human trafficking. You can also find information on Nazarene Child Sponsorship, where you can learn how to financially support children who live in places where they are vulnerable to human trafficking.

Visit the Freedom Sunday website for more information.