Entrance to the Kudjip Hospital in Papua New Guinea.

Entrance to the Kudjip Hospital in Papua New Guinea.

Kudjip, Papua New Guinea: Chaplain Moses Munda was making his routine rounds in the Pediatric Ward at Nazarene Hospital, in Kudjip, in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Moses always enjoys interacting with the children, making them laugh or smile.  The moms are usually worried about their sick children, and are very appreciative of his encouragement, for the scriptures that he shares, and for his prayers for the healing of their children, and strength for them.

On this particular morning, as Chaplain Moses moved from bed to bed, he came to the bed of a sick four-month-old boy and his mom.  Before he could introduce himself, the mother said, “Are you Chaplain Moses?”

“Yes, I am,” he replied, a little surprised.  “Should I know you?”

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“We met about five years ago.  My name is Maggie.  I was a patient in the Outpatient Department.  You shared scripture with me, and prayed for me, and I was healed.”

Maggie went on to tell that prior to her healing, she had been ill for a long time.  Even though she had faithfully taken the medicines that the doctors had been prescribing for her, she had continued to be troubled by fevers and high blood pressure.

One day when she came in, one of the doctors had suggested that she might want to meet with one of the chaplains, and Chaplain Moses had been called.

When he had prayed for her, she felt better, but it was only after she had gone back home that she realized that she no longer felt feverish.  The next time she had her blood pressure checked, it was normal.  Eventually she was able to stop all of the medicines.

“After I was healed,” Maggie continued, “I began to think about what I could do to show my gratitude for the ministry of Nazarene Hospital.  Since that time I have made Friday and Saturday special days to fast and pray for you, the other chaplains and the doctors and staff of the hospital.  Now I have brought my new son here, and I know that through the work of the doctors and the chaplains he will be healed.”

It was only three days later that Maggie and her little boy went home rejoicing for God’s provision of health and healing through Nazarene Hospital.

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Prayer is the key for Nazarene Health Ministries.

Prayer is the key for Nazarene Health Ministries.

Please continue to pray for the Life-Transforming, Kingdom-Impacting ministry of Nazarene Health Ministries in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea!



— Submitted:  Rev. Moses Munda & Dr. Andrew Bennett