Cmprsd Toni Porter

APNTS, Manila, Philippines:  Traffic is something I truly could do without, whether that be on the street or in the mall.  So when I leave on trips, Connie will many times take advantage of the time to do some much needed shopping.   When General Superintendent Dr. Jerry Porter recently left home for a scheduled visit to South America, his wife Toni took the opportunity to not go shopping, but to visit her students…half way around the world!

Toni, who has a Masters of Theology from St. Mary’s Seminary Ecumenical Institution, was approached a few years ago by the dean of students at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary and offered the opportunity to teach a class on “Spiritual Formation.”   While sometimes she teaches the course online, when she has the opportunity, she prefers to travel and interact with the students in person.

Here at APNTS you won’t find Toni just in the classroom, but also engaging with students in the cafeteria, going out to dinner, and becoming part of the seminary life!

We will be featuring her story in an upcoming World Mission Communications News Video.

— Todd Aebischer – Regional Communications Coordinator