What do we want discipleship to look like?

Sep 22, 2022

GoYang, South Korea:  Asia-Pacific Regional NDI Council (Nazarene Discipleship International) representing seven different fields and districts came together on 16-22 September 2022.  The mission of Nazarene Discipleship International is “To carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifelong journey of being and making Christlike disciples in the nations.”  

But what does this really look like in practice?

It’s easy to forget that the Church in Asia-Pacific is immensely diverse and spread over a geographical area larger than any other Nazarene region in the world. Languages, cultures, and worldviews are different, so shouldn’t the methods of discipleship also be diverse?  That’s why it is essential to have voices from all over the region represented in the same place, sharing the stories of discipleship from contextualized perspectives.  

Rev. John Eun-Yup Kim, Asia-Pacific Regional Discipleship Coordinator, led the team in multiple days of meetings. The first day opened with a morning devotion from John 1:28. Brand new disciples are following behind Jesus, and he asked a simple question, “What do you want?”  Richard Geiskan (Australia-New Zealand’s NDI Coordinator) posed the same question to the Council about discipleship – what do we want discipleship to look like in Asia-Pacific? Ultimately, discipleship should be about bringing people into line with God’s desire.

Throughout the week, reports were given from each field and district council member, allowing everyone to celebrate, listen, learn, and pray for discipleship around the region. New and creative resources were shared, equipping the Church for the future. The Council also reaffirmed our Regional Disciple-Making model.

Across Asia-Pacific, we are a Spirit-led, disciple-making movement. We affirm that discipleship should be relational, holistic, interconnected, inclusive, and continuous. Simply put…

A Disciple of Christ is:

·      Exalting: Passionately worshipping the Triune God

·      Experiencing: Filled with the Holy Spirit and growing with God

·      Equipping: Actively shaped by God’s Word

·      Empowering: Living a life of service with others

·      Engaging: Purposefully discipling others

The presence of the Holy Spirit was present of the Lord during these meetings.  We especially thank our translators, who helped create an inclusive experience. Looking ahead, the NDI Regional Council continues to work creatively by resourcing fields/districts with materials and facilitating discipleship trainings.  May the Lord empower His people as we continue to make Christ-like disciples in the nations.

Written by Charity Shonamon

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