Vanuatu,  Melanesia South Pacific Field:   On Friday afternoon / evening, the nation of Vanuatu sustained a direct hit by Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam.

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Cyclone Pam came ashore reportedly with 160 mph winds, gusting to 195 mph (257 kph gusts to 315 kph).

The following update has been received Saturday morning (03/14) from Harmon Schmelzenbach, Melanesia South Pacific Field Strategy Coordinator.

“Please continue to pray for the people of Vanuatu, our missionaries the Potters and Isaacs, as well as church leaders and members.  Our missionaries were well prepared and were working with church leaders to help church and community members in preparation for the storm’s arrival. Vanuatu took a direct hit by this category 5 storm on Friday afternoon/evening.

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Prior to communications being lost, there were already reports of significant damage.  Efforts will continue throughout the weekend to make contact with our team members on the ground, as we consider Nazarene options for disaster response.”  

Here is the last post received from the Potters before communications were lost.

“Can I just say that in the midst of the wildest storm I’ve ever gone through, God’s power and presence is so much more powerful. We are His and always safest right there with Him! Praying hard for those who do not know the God of the Universe and are without His peace right now!” – Potters

Initial Prayer Request and Storm Tracking

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