Asia-Pacific Region:  An email was received from George Miller this evening, requesting urgent prayer for Nancy.

Read:  Nancy Miller hospitalized in Philippines.

Dear Prayer partners,

We are now in the USA and we have an urgent prayer request.

Pray for Nancy’s health. The long flight to the USA was tough on her. She saw our personal family doctor Friday the day after her arrival. Her hemoglobin level had dropped 3% since her last Hgb in the Philippines. She is going to see a doctor today in OKC. We tried to get her into see doctors and now she is seeing an Internal Medicine Doctor who can direct her care and help us see who we need. She will need to see a number of specialists. She is very weak and anemic. She also has pulmonary hypertension and is on Oxygen 24/7 now.

There is a full year of deputation ahead of us. The first tour begins on Friday and she will not be able to go. We have rented a house but we need to organize this home, get furniture, etc. and Nancy does not feel well enough to do much. We need strength and the Lord’s guidance during this most difficult time.

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Please commit to pray for these two very special team members.  They have been serving with Global Mission since 1989 throughout Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and most recently the Philippines.

For more information and to make a donation, you can visit their profile page by clicking on this link.

**11/12/15 UPDATE**

Although they have been facing challenges with the U.S. healthcare system, Nancy’s hemoglobin has improved and she is feeling slightly better. Please continue to pray for God’s grace and healing in this situation.

 **11/15/15 UPDATE **

George sent in the following update:  Nancy was fluctuating between feeling fairly good and then feeling completely drained of energy. Last night she became so weak that I took her to the ER and she has been admitted to the hospital.  The main problem is her lungs.  Please continue to pray! 

 **12/10/15 UPDATE **

It appears as though Nancy’s blood vessels are normal. The pulmonary pressure is still too high but not as dangerously high as before. She is still very weak and anemic and cannot walk far without resting. The doctors have discontinued the blood thinners she was on because they were causing the anemia and weakness to worsen. She is currently traveling with George and prayers are still needed.