Myanmar:  At a time when we are celebrating the incredible gift of God’s Son,  and the peace, joy, and hope that comes with the acceptance of this incredible gift, we have received this urgent request for prayer for one of our pastors and family in Mynamar.

Our lay pastor’s wife, Daw Nan Hti (34yrs) passed away yesterday (December 24th). She was the wife of Pastor Tin Aung Naing, who pastors the Shalom Nazarene Church.

Daw Nan Hti died of cancer, leaving  3 young children and her husband.  The funeral service will be held in Natgyi Chaung by the leadership and members of the Yangon First Church of the Nazarene.

Please pray for Pastor Tin Aung Naing and the three little children who will be mourning the loss of their beloved spouse and  mother.

— Submission: Dr. Bill Kwon and Jubilee Thanga