Vanuatu: Urgent Prayer is requested for Vanuatu. The country was severely hit by two category four cyclones this past week, Cyclone Judy on 28 February and Cyclone Kevin on 4 March 2023.

The entire country experienced massive destruction from the cyclones. There is also huge damage to infrastructure such as houses, churches, and business establishments.

Rev. Peter Isaac, missionary to Vanuatu shared the following updates after an initial assessment was conducted.

Belleview Park Mission property

The mission house survived the cyclone with minor damage to the roof. The Isaacs accommodated 8 families who evacuated from their houses.  Almost all the trees have been uprooted and fallen so there is a lot of cleaning to be done.

District Centre

The District Center has significant damage caused by flooding when the wind broke the door. South Pacific Nazarene Bible College classroom and office were flooded as well. The entire roof in the other storage room used as a Sunday school room was gone.

Etas Malapoa Church of the Nazarene

Etas and Malapoa Church of the Nazarene were flattened.  All the houses of the members and pastors in the area were also destroyed. The people in the church community need immediate assistance with food, water, and temporary shelter.

Eluklom Eratap Church of the Nazarene

Eluklom Eratap Church has also experienced severe damage in its community.  A new building that was built as a school for special needs children were destroyed, with only part of the walls standing. A lot of families have also lost their homes. The community’s immediate need is food and water and temporary shelter.

Bellevue Park Church of the Nazarene

Bellevue Park Church of the Nazarene was completely destroyed when huge trees fell on the church. The church was also flooded.  But even in this time, when everyone was still in shock, the children still came together and did Sunday School under a tree.

Initial financial assistance/support has been provided to the Vanuatu District (under the management of the DS) to meet the immediate needs on the ground. This is through the active response of Regional NCM in partnership with MSP Field.

Prayer Items

  • For the safety of people who were affected by the cyclone. Pray that they will experience the overwhelming peace that only comes from God.
  • For the opportunity to respond to the needs of the community through the Nazarene Disaster Response. Pray that our churches will be able to show love even in this challenging season.
  • For the rehabilitation that will take place in a lot of the church properties and homes of the members of the church and church community.