Sydney, Australia: On 26-28 January 2024, the Australia Southern District gathered for their annual Conventions and Assembly at the Collaroy Centre just north of Sydney. Most guests at the Collaroy Centre come to enjoy its beautiful facilities and location among the city’s northern beaches. Still, the Australia Southern District’s delegates and participants decided to bless the facility that hosted them.

The “Love Your Neighbor” projects that happened worldwide in conjunction with this past General Assembly inspired District Nazarene Missions International president Erna Lobusta-Reyes to do something similar in her district. In October, she proposed the idea of a local Love Your Neighbor campaign during the District’s 47th Conventions and Assembly in January 2024, which the Council agreed to push through.

Early Saturday morning, the delegates and participants gathered and braved the rain, wearing matching “Love Your Neighbor” shirts. They divided into three groups to cover three different parts of the convention center. Collectively, they cleaned all around the venue, separated general waste from recyclables, and separated them into the proper bins.

Their service drew attention; the management and staff of the Collaroy Centre said, “This is the first time that people who are checked in to the facility have ever offered to clean up their surroundings.” The activity’s goal is achieved, where they have shown the second greatest commandment of loving your neighbor in action.

The group reconvened in the dining hall for prayer and devotions when the project was finished. The Assembly resumed shortly after. The district plans to do something similar at next year’s assembly in Melbourne.