Manila, Philippines:  Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the many Pacific Islanders who are in the path of Typhoon Hagupit.


First, we are praising God that the storm weakened significantly in the hours just prior to making landfall.  God has answered prayers!

We are slowly establishing communications with our local church leaders and Nazarene Disaster Response Team leaders.  They will be completing Rapid Assessments and will be reporting in as they are able.

Following are bullet points from the 0800 morning report from Pastor Jackson Natividad, Philippine Nazarene Disaster Response Coordinator. 

First is the government report.

Pre emptive evacuation status:

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  • 146,875 families are in evacuation centers ( including our churches who made reports to their local DRRMC in barangay levels) that is:
  • 716,639 persons/individuals already, which are from REGIONS 4a b, 5, 6 7 , 8 and caraga
  • 2,459 Passengers stranded in all ports; Includes 89 vessels, 689 rolling cargoes ( or trucks) 3 motor bangkas

Status of Electrical Power / Communication

  • Samar – power out – Reg 4a, quezon, Reg 6 Iloilo, Samar, East Samar, Leyte and North Leyte
  • Samar and Leyte –  OUT of Communication / or intermittent
Church and Nazarene Disaster Response (NDR) Updates:
  • Eastern Samar:  Has been out of communication since last night after the heavy rains and winds, NDR prioritized the area for Rapid Assessment Teams (RAT)
  • North Samar and Samar area:  We still have contact with Ptr Milo Loyola of San Isidro Church of the Nazarene – initial report thru text was, many houses were damaged; youth of the church are organized to do RAT around the area.
  • PANAY District:  From our Command Post in Culasi, Pastora Resaly just posted the update in FB quote: “As of Dec.7, 2014, 7:17 AM, as reported to the NDR-Panay Office (Nazarene Disaster Response Team_Panay), there are 50 families and 182 individuals: CDCNCS/Culasi Church of the Nazarene, 41 families-149 persons; Devera Church of the Nazarene, 4 families-18 persons; Estancia Church of the Nazarene, 4 families-15 persons. This is the recorded statistics of evacuees in our Panay District Nazarene churches”
  • BICOL District:   District Superintendent Jun Detalo just texted this morning that they are prepared and have readied their pastors for the land fall.  Anticipating the potential for significant damage.  DS Jun Detalo has already purchased the initial relief for NDR response.  Legaspi Church is our Command Center.
  • Southern Tagalog District:  DS Mark Eugenio is recieving text and updates from Pastor Ryan Nuqui, that our church members are also evacuated especially in Mindoro. We continue to gather information for the typhoon’s landfall in Southern Tagalog area.
  • Ormoc Church: Some members of Ormoc Church in Leyte are evacuated to Luna Elementary School which is higher ground.
  • Eastern Visayas District:  No word from DS Longcopp as of this time.
  • Cebu Team:  Is at Visayas Nazarene Bible College, standing by for Rapid Assessment duties.
  • Ports in Matnog to Allen ( port that connects the island of LUZON to Samar:  Most cargo vessels and trucks are stranded in Matnog, Sorsogon. No relief goods can be tranported in that passage.
  • Port of Ormoc ( connecting to Cebu City): Closed.  We do not know when it will open. We are waiting for announcements from the Philippine Port Authorities(PPA).
  • Ormoc City:  Has supplies that we can maximize and purchase for the response.

Please remember the local churches, families, and all of the Pacific Islanders in your prayers this Sunday morning.  We ask for their protection, strength, and peace in the midst of this storm.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Pastor Jackson Natividad – Philippine NDR Coordinator