Updated Tropical Depression Peipah 09-Apr-14
Updated Tropical Depression Peipah 09-Apr-14

UPDATE 11-April-2014 Tropical Storm Peipah has been removed from the storm watch list.  Praise God!

UPDATE 09-April-2014 Tropical Storm Peipah has now been downgraded to a tropical depression with winds less than 35 mph.  There is still concern by local meteorologists that the storm will stall out over the central Philippines and result in wide-scale flooding.   The slowing of the forward progression of the storm will lead to several days of locally heavy rainfall across the region, with northeast Mindanao and eastern Visayas bearing the brunt of the storm.  Please continue to be in prayer.

UPDATE 08-April-2014  Tropical Storm Peipah has slowed in the Pacific, east of the Philippines, and has not increased in strength.  Now forecast to possibly make landfall sometime Thursday.  We are praying that it continues to shift course to the north, sparing the already devastated area of the Central Philippines.

Central Philippines:  News alerts were being issued today throughout the Philippines, warning of yet another tropical storm (Peipah) headed towards the area of the Central Philippines hit hardest by Super Typhoon Yolanda back in November.


Many people are still living in make-shift shelters.


Initial Storm Track









Current weather forecasts have the storm making landfall in an area just south of the path taken by Yolanda, sometime in the early  morning hours of Tuesday. Please be in prayer for the people of the Central Philippines, as many are still living in makeshift shelters.