Global:  Over the next two weeks there will be many people traveling literally around the world to participate in multiple events on the Asia-Pacific Region.

We believe that prayer is powerful, and covering the events prior to and during them is so vitally important!  The logistics alone to accomplish this many events is incredible.  The leaders have been spending much time in prayer as they seek the Lord’s direction in planning and facilitating these events.

Please be in prayer for:

  • Safety of those traveling from all corners of the globe, and for those left behind.
  • Flight connections and commutes / layovers
  • Luggage and equipment in transit.  ** Big prayer item as the equipment is moving around the Region via many methods.
  • Peace and assurance for all involved.

Most importantly, pray that the Holy Spirit would be present, would lead and guide the meetings, the hearts of each participant, and leader.  Pray for unity and vision, passion and power.

We are believing that these events will be a kickstarter to a Holiness movement across the Region and beyond.  Our prayer is that this will not just be an event, but a catalyst. That it will spark a flame that will grow to be a roaring fire.