Jim and Kathy Radcliffe, 30 years of service and counting... the blessings of the Lord!

Jim and Kathy Radcliffe, 30 years of service and counting… the blessings of the Lord!

Nazarene Hospital, Kudjip:  Last month marked the 30th year of our faith journey and service in Papua New Guinea. How faithful the Lord has been to His promises and how wonderfully He has provided, protected, and prospered us in the work here! We are blessed too in the one year anniversary since the heart surgery and healing for Jim.

Nazarene Missionary Surgeon returns to field after open heart surgery.
Dr. Jim, Dr. Ben (Jim's son), Margret - scrub nurse at Kudjip Hospital for 30 years.

Dr. Jim, Dr. Ben (Jim’s son – also serving as a surgeon in PNG), Margret – OR Supervisor and scrub nurse at Kudjip Hospital for 30 years.

We want to praise God and thank you for your prayers that were answered. Every week patients continue to come and remind us that they too were praying. It is a real privilege to be able to continue to minister here for Jesus, the church, and the people of PNG.

On July 17, exactly one year since Jim’s heart surgery, we commemorated the demolition of the first Nazarene Hospital operating room where thousands of surgeries were done in our first years here. We met beside this structure, which is being removed for other station improvements. Many special memories were shared of how God has helped us over the years in miraculous ways with patients who were dramatically healed in body and spirit in that building. We are really enjoying the two new operating rooms. The building materials from the first OR are going to be used to build a District Superintendent’s house. A new district is being formed from the Western Highlands District. This is the 5th district to be formed from that original district. There are now 150 churches on the Western Highlands District.

pastors tentJim was delighted to be invited to go into the Jimi Valley Bromley Memorial District to speak at a large tent gathering for the men there with the theme of Holiness. The altar was lined quickly and the front of the tent as well. Many were hungry for the help of the Holy Spirit in their lives to lead their families for Christ.

Josephine (left) in charge of Women's ministry on the Jimi Valley Bromley Memorial District.

Josephine (left) in charge of Women’s ministry on the Jimi Valley Bromley Memorial District, with her sister in Christ, Esther.

Some of the ladies came too and one was the lady named Josephine (pictured below on the left). She is in charge of women’s ministry on that district. She has had three C-Sections for the birth of her children all of which were done at our hospital by Jim. Her oldest daughter led the music for one of the services. God is moving on that district of 75 churches plus 10 more preaching points. They overpay their world evangelism budget!

Evangelical Brotherhood Church, (national pastors and leaders), bring gifts of thanksgiving to hospital.

Evangelical Brotherhood Church, (national pastors and leaders), bring gifts of thanksgiving to hospital.

We are also grateful for partnership with other missions here like the Evangelical Brotherhood Church of Switzerland. National pastors and leaders from this church came to the hospital as a group to give a tremendous thanksgiving offering of food, chickens, pigs and money to the hospital to praise God and to bless us and our staff and patients last month. What a blessing it was to hear their thanks for what the hospital means to them and their people as we minister together here for Christ.

— Submitted:  Dr. Jim & Kathy Radcliffe – Missionary Surgeon/wife team, Kudjip Nazarene Hospital. 

God is truly moving in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and across the Melanesia and South Pacific Field.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to prayer and partnership with Nazarene Health Ministries, our national leaders and team members.   May God continue to receive the glory!