Papua New Guinea:  Tensions have been running high in the Capital City of Port Moresby.  International news agencies have been reporting on the conflict.  We are requesting your committed prayer for a peaceful resolution.

Following is the update from our field leadership team:

“We are aware of reports of violence and unrest in certain cities in PNG.  We would like to report that all Nazarene Mission personnel are safe and secure.  In addition procedures  are in place to help ensure continued safe operations  at Kudjip mission station, Tuman college campus (MNTC, MNBC) and for those personnel traveling into our area.

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We welcome you to join us in prayer for this challenging time and that our staff and leadership would have continued wisdom to deal with situations as they arise.”

*** Update as of Friday, June 10, 7pm local PNG time.

“While there are many issues yet to be worked out among the leaders of Papua New Guinea, indication is that the unrest that’s been occurring over the last couple of days is settling down and that activities are beginning to return to normal. We continue to value your prayers for the people of PNG, especially for the leadership of this country.” – PNG Crisis Management Team (CMT).