378Manila, Philippines:  Those words are echoed in the hearts of people around the world.  For centuries, people have been telling the story of Jesus, and for many in our world today, who cannot read the story for themselves, they rely on someone to tell them the story.  Even for those of us who can read, a good story teller is always enjoyable to listen to. Telling the story with passion from the heart, and inviting those listening to discuss what they have heard and examine the details and emotions that those in the story may have been feeling, inspires the listener to think about how it applies to their lives today. And the story that was written over a thousand years ago comes alive in a whole new, fresh way.

268That is Bible Trekking in a nutshell.  It is simple and yet significant at the same time.  The stories are not just for children, but for adults also!  You can use this technique for Sunday School, as well as from the pulpit.  You can tell your children or the person next to you on the bus, or tell your co-worker at lunch.  Simple, yet profound.  This technique can be used if you have 5 minutes, or for extended discussion.

Ray Neu was invited to the Philippines by the Asia-Pacific Region after Dr. Ward shared with key leaders about the potential to spread the Gospel and fulfill the mission of the Church by Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations, using this method that Ray has been teaching.  Late last year Ray visited the Philippines and shared a story.   After hearing him, and having him walk them through the process of digging deeper the World Mission Communication (WMC) Team  recognized the impact that this training could have on the region.  They partnered with Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International to produce  the training sessions in video and audio.  As they have been filming behind the cameras their lives have been impacted by what they heard.   The Holy Spirit has been present and hearts have been touched and changed as a result.  Praise be to God!

349Ray continues on from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea.  He will be training several leaders there on this fresh way to not just tell the stories of Jesus, but to help the listeners explore the stories and dig deeper to find how they have relevance in their lives today.  As they follow this process, they will retain the story in a way that will then help them to tell the story to others, so that they can find the truths for themselves and those will then tell others.


Be watching for the training videos to be released in the near future. For more information on Bible Trekking, visit Ray’s Website [button title=’Click Here’ type=’secondary’ link=’http://leadersaudiobible.com/?page_id=361′]Click Here[/button]396