The CALD (Cultural and Linguistic Diverse) at Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane, Austrailia, has been running for a few years now. The CALD program seeks to make quality resources available and affordable for students from non-Western cultures outside of Austrailia and New Zealand. The program gives students the opportunity to earn an Australian accredited bachelor degree in their home country.

Leilani Roqara and Daniel Latu during their time in Australia

Two pastors recently visited Queensland to study for a week at NTC and minister to local churches. Daniel Latu, from Fiji, described the program as “living a miracle.” When he was called into the ministry, he felt God was impressing on him to get a theological education. Through the CALD program, Latu says, “I’ve learned to reflect on my approaches, tweak and improve on certain ministry methods and concepts so that I can better serve God’s people.” During Latu’s stay in Australia, he was able to preach at the Sunday evening NYI/NMI meeting. Latu was previously the NMI president in Fiji, and is currently the Melanesia-South Pacific NYI coordinator.

Leilani Roqara from Fiji said, “CALD and our partnership with Australia is a truly wonderful answer to prayer that is much bigger than all of us, and God is the One who is doing this great thing for His Kingdom. It is such a joy and privilege to be a part of this!” Roqara is the School President of South Pacific Nazarene Theological College (SPNTC). She expresses joy and excitement from her experience through the program. “I have been challenged to think broader, deeper and even in ways I have not thought before. Even more so is transferring what I am learning through my life and passing it along to those around me.”

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