Myanmar: Southeast Asia Field launched The Journey of Grace Discipleship during the three-day training in Myanmar on 27-29 September 2022. This was a special time for the Myanmar leaders because the field leaders were able to visit them after almost three years. Myanmar has been on strict travel restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic and political unrest.

The training event focused on the Nazarene Essentials which aims to shape and strengthen their identity as part of the Global Church of the Nazarene family. 13 local leaders from Myanmar Northern District participated in the training. Dr. Bill Kwon (SEA Field Strategy Coordinator), Rev. Mark Eugenio(Chapman International College Chancellor), Rev. Lal Permawia (District Superintendent), Rev. John Mafinga (CIC Northen District Director), Jasmin Eugenio (SEA Field District Development Coordinator) were the trainers and facilitators.

The local leaders responded with a committed heart on The Journey of Grace. They are excited and enthusiastic to go out and find at least one person to journey with them in their Christian faith and help them grow in their relationship with Christ as they also make another disciple.

One participant Nwe Htwe Hla after learning about The Journey of Grace said, “I will reach out to my neighbor who is a widow and share with her about Jesus and show her the love that I have also received from Christ and make her a disciple.” Another lady, Aa Na, said, “I am living around Buddhist people. It is hard to reach them, but I will show them about Christ. On Christmas, I will make time to gather them and tell them stories about Jesus and disciple them.” After the event, they created a Viber chat group to follow up with each other and share updates on their journey of disciplemaking. This Journey of Grace Discipleship will continue in every South East Asia Field district.

“Come, Follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers on men.” Matthew 4:19