Sealands Field recently completed its annual cycle of District Assemblies. Five districts held their respective district assemblies that started on 18 March 2023. Two districts – Sulawesi and Timor Leste- had their first in-person assemblies.

Dr. Mark Louw, Asia-Pacific Regional Director, presided over the assemblies. The newly appointed Sealands Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev. Stephen Gualberto, was also present during the gatherings.

Central Kalimantan District Assembly held its 9th District Assembly on 18 March at Philadelfia Church of the Nazarene in Palangkaya City, Indonesia. The assembly centered on the theme “Keep Your Spiritual Fervor, Serving the Lord” based on Romans 12:11. Pastor Raden Roro Ismiati was ordained during the assembly.  

Java-Bali District celebrated its 43rd District Assembly on 20 March at Filadelfia Church of the Nazarene in Java-Bali, Indonesia. Five pastors were ordained – Rev. Triwan Lase, Rev. Go Oli Halawa, Rev. Yosep Suroto, Rev. Yohanes Sukirdi, and Rev. Sudarto.

Sulawesi District held its first in-person District Assembly on 22 March in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The event centered around the theme “Christian, Holy, Missional.” Rev. Feby Mustika Zebua and Rev. Weni Rusnaweni were ordained during the District Assembly. Most delegates and visitors had to travel 24 hours by bus just to be present at this gathering.

Papua District convened its 21st District Assembly on 24 March 2023 at Imanuel Church Of The Nazarene in KotaRaja, Indonesia. The focus of the gathering was “Harmony and Collaboration,” which aimed to foster a sense of unity and cooperation among Nazarene churches throughout the Papua District. Rev. Novi Gaspar Kromsian was ordained during the assembly.

Timor Leste District held its first in-person District Assembly on 28 March at Dili Church of the Nazarene. The event was led by Rev. Joe Young and Rev. Samuel Soares, who serve as the District Superintendent.