Asia-Pacific Region:  The Asia-Pacific Regional Office is alerting Nazarenes across the region and globally regarding the recurrence of a long-running scam.

One of our leaders here on the Region received the following email (this is not the first time an email of this nature has been received on the region):

“How are doing today? I don’t know if you’re aware that am presently in Turkey, I was robbed of my cash, phones and credit cards last night but i thank God no lives were lost.

I need you lend me some money, about $1,950  or whatever you can afford. I need the money to settle bills here and get back home. I assure you that i’ll refund the money immediately am home tomorrow.

Thanks so much

Signed:  (Another Nazarene Leader)”

Please understand that no national, missional or global leader would be contacting you in this fashion requesting assistance of this nature.

In today’s world of personal information being available globally, those perpetrating these scams are able to make their pleas for assistance sound very persuasive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an email or other request for assistance that you have received, PLEASE contact the Regional Communications Office for assistance.