Asia-Pacific Region:  Once again a scam is circulating on the Region, specifically targeting Nazarenes.

This past week, emails have been received where the sender identifies themselves as one of our global leaders, who has run into trouble while visiting a country on the Region.

The “leader” asks for your immediate financial assistance, even in some cases referencing details that would normally only be known to those in the church family.  This adds false credibility to their request.

cybercrimePlease use utmost caution in dealing with any such message.   Given the multiple scams being operated today, no pastor, lay leader, member,  or other, should be soliciting assistance in such a manner.

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Any pastor or lay member who is in need of assistance should contact their Pastor, District Superintendent, Field Strategy Coordinator or Ministry Coordinator personally.

We are cautioning all leaders to be aware of these types of scams.  If the caller or situation cannot be independently verified by someone  whom you contact via regular channels (NOT by a number given to you for verification), you should exercise EXTREME caution.

You may always contact the Regional Communications Office ( or if you have any questions or concerns and we will assist in verification.   These email addresses are monitored 7 days a week.

Todd Aebischer – Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Coordinator