Asia-Pacific Region:  “As kids who are about to return to our ‘homelands’ it can be a real challenge to adapt to the cultures that we have always claimed as our own yet find so different and foreign from the ones we have lived in all our lives. In order to make a healthy transition, it is key that we learn to be vulnerable about our struggles and ask for help from trustworthy and wise individuals who understand our situations and desire to see us thrive wherever the Lord places us. It was a lesson that I needed to be reminded of, one that is especially pertinent to the path that I will soon be taking.” –Rendezvous 2015 participant

rendezvous-2015Rendezvous is by definition, “A coming together at a specific time and a specific place for a specific purpose.” The new year in Asia-Pacific started with exactly that, a specific coming together of high school age kids from the Church of the Nazarene whose parents are ministering cross-culturally on the region.

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Many unique teaching sessions…

These teens have grown up in countries other than their passport countries and are preparing for the transition back to their “home” cultures. Nazarene leaders came together for the specific purpose of partnering in equipping these young people, not only for this significant transition but also equipping them for a life focused on glorifying God.

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Team building activities…

Through intense activities, joyous laughter, heartfelt tears, in-depth discussions, intentional small groups, and so much more, these amazing teens discovered some valuable tools that can be used to enable them to not only survive, but to truly succeed in the upcoming transition.

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Break-out groups…

One Rendezvous 2015 participant reflected, “Rendezvous was an experience that I can’t even put into words. I learned many things, met amazing people and shared unique experiences. I loved everything from the sessions to free times, from small groups to sleepless nights. I’m so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity.”

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“When talking with those from other organizations, they tell us how unique it is for a church to invest in our kids this way. Thank you again, I know it is times like these that are life changing moments for our kids.”– Parent of a Rendezvous participant

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Part of the costs of this biennial Rendezvous event were covered by partners.  These individuals believe that equipping the students to effectively navigate their re-entry enables them to best engage their world. It is because of such generous partnership that Rendezvous 2015 became a reality.

Every amount makes a difference, if you would like to partner through investing in these young people for future Rendezvous events,  please follow this link for an approved 10% missions special.

One parent shared the thought echoed by many parents whose children have had the opportunity of attending Rendezvous. “We are indebted to you and so grateful for the investment and sacrifice you have made so that our kid’s could be encouraged, challenged and equipped.”

— Submitted:  Sarah LeBaron