Vanuatu, South Pacific: A month ago, two cyclones devastated the island of Vanuatu. Peter Isaac, shared a recent update on how the Disaster Response Team led by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Asia-Pacific, Rev. Peter Isaac – and leaders and local church members are doing the relief distribution to the various local churches and communities in Vanuatu.

Peter shared how the Vanuatu District is grateful for the outpouring of support through prayers, words of encouragement, and finances to help the families who were mostly affected by the cyclone. They were grateful to the Melanesia South Pacific Field Office, NCM Asia-Pacific, friends, and families within and outside the churches who offered help.

Vanuatu Disaster Response Team distributed relief food and water at the following churches and their neighboring communities – Port Vila church, Bellevue church, Eluklom church, Etas church, D Malapoa church, the District Center church, Black Sand Naus Church, Claims Hill church, Prima church and 5 churches in Tana and Aniwa communities. A local team from Passion Church in Fiji led by Pastor Arthur and Pelinda family came to help with house yard clearing and rebuilding of the damaged roof at the mission house.

Although there is still a lot of work needed to help in the rebuilding of infrastructure in Vanuatu, the people expressed their gratefulness for the support and love of the Church. The neighboring communities were thankful for the ministry of the church through NCM for bringing food and water to their doorstep before anyone else did.

“We thank you all for praying and supporting our people to rebuild and recover from this tragic experience.” Shared Peter Isaac.

(Taken from Rev. Peter Isaac and NCM Team’s note of gratitude)