South Korea:  The Asia-Pacific Regional Advisory Council (RAC) held their annual meeting in South Korea, October 20-22.

Among the many items on the agenda, was the establishment of the dates and tentative format for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Regional Event.

The dates have been set for October 21-25, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  Stay tuned in the days ahead as pre-registration information will be made available on the Asia-Pacific Regional Site.

The RAC is excited about what this upcoming year will hold as we move forward as “Kingdom People.”

Over the course of the next several weeks, the Asia-Pacific Regional Communications team will be presenting the Regional Priorities that have been adopted by the RAC.

The Asia-Pacific Region extends a tremendous thank you to the Korea District,  Dr. Shin, Min Gyoo, the Sangamdong Church of the Nazarene and their pastoral team,  the Korea APNTS Partners, and KNU, for their hosting of this year’s RAC and FSC meetings.  Your incredible hospitality was greatly appreciated!