Update from Dr. Jim Radcliffe:

big-circle-2Thanks for your prayers for my health and recovery. The Lord is answering prayer in wonderful ways. We have been so encouraged by the support and prayers of our church family.

I am able to walk two miles at this point and this is just over two weeks post op from the aortic valve replacement and aortic root graft. I was able to attend church the last two weeks after being out of the hospital. I have a bovine valve so do not need anticoagulant. They were not able to repair the valve but replaced it along with the first portion of my aorta. I am using less pain meds daily and still resting frequently.

During the workup in preparation for my heart surgery, a tumor was found on my right adrenal gland.  A laproscopic surgery to remove this tumor is scheduled for September 9th.  This is dependent upon receiving the clearance from my cardiologist. We must make sure that my heart is recovered enough for this second surgery.

The designated medical leave of absence seems to fit well with the doctors’ plans and predicted recovery time. We hope to do most of our deputation schedule if all goes well.

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Our prayer is to be able to return to Papua New Guinea at the end of December on schedule, finishing our planned home assignment. We appreciate your support and help very much and are grateful for the healing from the Lord and the generosity of our church.


Jim and Kathy

The Asia-Pacific Family is asking that you continue to keep Dr. Jim, Kathy, their family, and the entire Kudjip Nazarene Hospital Team in your continued prayers!