As the COVID virus made its way across Thailand, the School of Promise in Hang Dong, wanted to do more than furlough students and wait for the pandemic to end. They reached out to families of students to find out which were struggling due to illness, or the economic impact of the virus.

The good news was that most families from their school had not yet been impacted by job loss. But for those who were struggling, the staff of the school assembled care packages. They then went even further by contacting community leaders in three villages that surround the school. They are now planning an even broader distribution of care packages.

Each care package consists of rice, noodles, eggs, vegetable oil, fish sauce, and other non-perishable food items. These are the basic staples of the Thai diet. Each care package costsabout $20 USD.

The School of Promise in Hang Dong, Thailand, is one of the schools started by Joel and Marvel Vander Kooi, missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene. School of Promise is a Christian school that ministers to Thai children and their families. They are currently planning the location for their next school.

You can help the School of Promises care for their neighbors, build strong relationships, and reach their Buddhist community with the love of Christ, by supporting the Vander Kooi’s ministry.



Contributed by Joel Vander Kooi