Papua New Guinea:  Prayer is requested for Nazarene Health Ministries in Papua New Guinea (PNG),  and health care across Papua New Guinea, as a significant budget crisis looms.

The nation of PNG is in a financial crisis that has caused 40% cuts in government staff funding to church-run hospitals like Kudjip Nazarene Hospital and may cut as much as 80% of government operational support.

The Hospital, Rural Health Services, and Community Based Health Care will be more reliant on church donations as well as the hospital raising patient fees, while also pursuing every avenue for cutting costs. This may soon close some hospital services and limit rural health supplies as well as Community Based Health Care trainings.

See this incredible story of how the national workers cut their own salaries in order to continue serving the people of the highlands!

Most incredibly, the national staff voluntarily took a pay cut to try to continue serving the health and spiritual needs of the people of the highlands.

Please pray for God’s intervention and provision.

— Submitted. Dr. Scot Dooley – hospital administrator