La Trinidad, Philippines: Prayer was requested for Missionary Hospitalized in the Northern Philippines.

We are happy to report that Nancy Miller has been released from the hospital and was delivered to her home “in northern Philippines style!”

The following update was just received from Nancy.

“I am on oxygen to relieve pressure on my heart caused by the pressure in my lungs from excess fluid. The outward signs that sent me to the hospital were very swollen legs, which have greatly improved. I am feeling much better I just need to watch my fluid intake and take my medicine. I could possibly be on oxygen therapy for a long time especially living in the mountains.
Nancy Miller
I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I know it has made a difference. Please continue to pray as both George and I are trying to adjust our thinking to a possible new way of life, living attached to an oxygen bottle.”

Thank you faithful prayer partners for continuing to lift George and Nancy in prayer.