Asia-Pacific Region:  We have many team members on our field literally serving Beyond Borders and Boundaries, where sharing of the Gospel can be a very sensitive issue.

One of our families shared the following Praise Report!

Today I just have to give a shout out to our Heavenly Father for His healing work in our lives! There has been focused prayer going on among our partners here for our family’s health and improvement.

— Jim* finally received the test results, identifying the problems in his back.  The treatment prescribed involved exercises and swimming.  Unfortunately, one of the the only ways to have access to a swimming pool is through a very expensive membership.  The Lord answered and nearly as soon as the treatment was prescribed, access to a pool was made available at no charge. The exercises are already helping to strengthen his weak back.

— Sandy* has struggled for more than three years with a very specific medical condition that has disrupted her sleep nearly every night. Through prayer and natural remedies, the situation is improving! This may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who hasn’t slept well in 3 years, it is a huge deal to us! It is wonderful to wake up feeling refreshed and not exhausted! 

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— God is truly working in the life of our daughter from school grades to friendship difficulties.  

Praise to Him from whom all blessings flow! He truly wants us to operate in freedom and His best for us!

Please continue to remember your team members who are serving beyond borders and barriers.  God knows each one by name, and cares deeply for them. 

* Names have been changed