Southeast Asia Field: Two weeks ago, we received a praise report and prayer request from the Southeast Asia Field, regarding visiting team members who would be conducting Pastoral Training and teaching evangelism in an undisclosed area.

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The visiting team members were able to successfully finish the pastoral training and evangelism classes.

The team members were assisted by a student from Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS), who also happened to be one of the locals in the area. The student translated for the team so that the teachings could be better understood by the participants.

The pastors and lay people who participated felt encouraged after the classes. Through the teachings and tools the team members provided (such as the Evangecube and other teaching materials), the participants became more passionate to lead the lost to Christ and guide them to Christian maturity.

However, there did seem to be a spiritual battle at play, trying to stop the team members from their mission to disciple and evangelize. During the classes, one team member suffered from stomach flu, while the other caught a cold. Thanks to your prayers, these factors did not stop then from accomplishing the task at hand. The team member with the stomach flu was still able to muster energy to teach, while the other’s cold did not affect his voice during the class.

To-date, another team member has arrived, this time to teach Spiritual Formation classes. Let us continue to pray for selfless people like them as they continue to respond to God’s call to involve themselves in ministry through discipleship and church planting.