Southeast Asia Field:  We give all praise to our Father as we just received updates from one of our team members in Southeast Asia. Due to the sensitivities, names and locations were not disclosed, but our Lord knows who they are and we would like to invite everyone to pray for the safety and success of those involved and their call to missions.

The team member happily shared with us that the individual who is tasked to conduct Course of Study classes (Pastoral Training) has safely arrived at his destination and will start teaching next week. Arrangements for transportation and accommodations went well, thanks to the help of people in the area.

Aside from the Course of Study classes, the team member will also teach Evangelism in the coming week. He will also be joined by another team member who will teach Spiritual Formation. These classes are a first in the area, and they will definitely help encourage and strengthen the district.

We give thanks to the Lord for blessing us with people who are willing to give their lives to respond to His call. Let us include them in our prayers, that they would be given the wisdom so they can fulfill their mission in transforming lives.