South Korea: From 18 to 29 March 2024, district superintendents and leaders from the Philippines-Micronesia field traveled to South Korea for the “20th Korean Urban Church Growth and Spirituality.” Different groups attend every year to observe and take home the best ministry and mission practices in Korea and apply them in their contexts. Due to COVID-19, this trip was stopped and resumed this year.

This twelve-day exposure trip was spearheaded by the SangamDong Church of the Nazarene and Rev. Arnel Piliin. Rev. Min Gyoo Shin led the Filipino leaders on various trips to urban and rural local churches. The goal of this trip is to inspire Filipino pastors and lay leaders to plant, grow, and rejuvenate church ministries in the Philippine context. The Filipino leaders had an opportunity to listen to the pastors and elders during their visit as they shared about the ministries in their local context. The group also had the chance to visit Korea Nazarene University and Calvin University, as well as the Korea National District office. They also visited significant historical places in Korea.

The participants shared various reflections regarding their observations and personal experiences with the vibrancy and vitality of Korean churches they visited in urban and rural settings. The following encapsulated their ideas:

 “The first thing I would share and develop in my local church is the importance of prayer, as I have observed in the Korean local church ministries. Second, worship through giving helps sustain the maintenance and repair of local church properties. Finally, I would like to share the importance of serving God through hospitality in reaching another soul.” – Emelyn Domaoal

 “Pastoral ministry is a set-apart vocation, which requires full commitment and full time as observed in the Korean churches.” – Rev. Dr. Allan Prado

 “The most impressive thing I observed in the Korean churches we visited was their prayerfulness.” – DS Rev. Asalim Gunda.

“An insight I gained in this trip is that our character should match our calling, and this should be evident in our life consistency, which is observed in our prayer life and time management.” – DS Rev. Ryan Cardinal.

“What’s impressive to me about this trip is how the Korean spirituality manifests itself in how they give importance and depth to their devotion, prayer, and generosity.”—Ptr. Judith Alwis.

“What I gained from this seminar is the importance of having a healthy prayer life and managing one’s time.”—Rev. Juliet Bantic.

By DS Rev. Sam Galino