The Philippines-Micronesia Field Discipleship Team is thrilled to share its first children’s discipleship material entitled: “The GIFT: Grace is Free and Timeless.” This resource is inspired by The Journey of Grace, the denomination’s discipleship initiative.

This discipleship material is divided into 3 volumes with 17 Bible lessons:

  • Volume 1 teaches about the prevenient grace of God.
  • Volume 2 teaches about the saving grace of God.
  • Volume 3 teaches about the sanctifying grace of God.

“Through this material, we hope to reach the kids and offer them the GIFT, the Grace that only Jesus can give, free and timeless, which will result to a life changing impact to the children, the most wonderful gift they could ever have”. – Emily Bolinas, PMF-SDMI Coordinator

Each lesson contains:

  • Bible stories or biblical references to encourage children to read the Bible
  • Practical stories so that children can understand the biblical truths taught in every lesson
  • Bible memory verses
  • Activities that will enhance children’s psychomotor and cognitive development
  • Practical applications and post lesson activities
  • Prayer time

The GIFT: Grace is Free and Timeless is a free resource.  You can download the first volume by clicking this link.