Philippines Luzon Highland District equips youths for media ministry

May 24, 2024

Benguet, Philippines: The Luzon Highland District recently organized an Audio and Media workshop on April 27, 2024, held at Pico Church of the Nazarene in Benguet, Philippines. The event aimed to equip ministers and youth volunteers with foundational skills in sound engineering/mixing and media production to enhance their church services and outreach efforts.

The workshop drew participation from 28 eager individuals hailing from various zones across the district, with attendees traveling from as far as Isabela and Ifugao. Divided into two distinct tracks, namely the Audio Workshop and the Media Workshop, the event offered training tailored to the specific needs of each group.

In the audio workshop, the participants were introduced to audio fundamentals and familiarized themselves with audio equipment. They then underwent practical application, from soldering cables for microphones and instruments to properly setting up basic audio systems. These included properly running cables from the audio mixer to loudspeakers, microphones, and instruments, such as acoustic guitars.

Furthermore, participants also learned the operation of the mixing console during performances through simulations. They were instructed on audio tech troubleshooting, which dealt with reducing feedback, minimizing background noise, and enhancing sound output from singers, speakers, and musicians. This exercise aimed to equip participants to handle technical problems head-on.

Simultaneously, the Media Workshop explored multimedia production, covering topics ranging from basic graphics application to photography composition and post-processing techniques. Attendees learned the intricacies of camera operations and understood how factors like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture influence the quality of their photos.

A hands-on activity challenged participants to collaborate in small groups, tasked with creating social media posters based on provided instructions. This exercise encouraged teamwork and provided a platform for participants to showcase their creativity and apply newfound skills in a practical setting.

Trainers offered personalized feedback and guidance, helping participants refine their designs and identify areas for improvement. The collaborative atmosphere fostered an environment of growth and learning, with attendees leaving the workshop equipped with the knowledge needed to elevate their ministry’s multimedia initiatives.

The Audio and Media workshop underscores the Luzon Highland District’s commitment to empowering its ministers and volunteers with the tools and skills necessary to effectively communicate the message of faith in the modern digital landscape. As participants return to their respective congregations armed with enhanced capabilities, the impact of this transformative workshop is expected to resonate far beyond its conclusion.

By Jensen Galino and Christon Lopez

APNAZ Communications

Asia Pacific Nazarene Communications

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