For several years, the Philippine Church of the Nazarene has placed a high priority on Theological Education by Extension. As a result they are seeing a tremendous increase not only in the number of ministers deployed, but also in the number of churches planted and pastored. On the Metro Manila District alone, they have seen a very positive 13.66% growth this past year. Two other Philippine Districts, Mindanao West and Visayan Central are both showing solid growth at 8.95% and 6.50% respectively. Over all the 11 Districts, the Philippines is showing a solid 5% increase.

This expansion is giving opportunity for additional educational personnel. Beginning April, the Philippine Field Team will be joined by Rev. Marcos Eugenio, more affectionately known as, Mark, who will be the Philippine Theological Education by Extension for Nazarenes (PHILTEEN) Coordinator. PHILTEEN aims to equip the whole church to be ministers/disciple makers wherever they are.

As PHILTEEN Coordinator, Mark will work with the leadership of the Philippine Bible Colleges and districts in promoting and developing leadership education in every district level.  Mark will be helping PHILTEEN to reach their goals of helping church leaders complete their course of studies for ordination; training and equipping lay people for ministry; and providing continuous training for pastors.

He will also be in charge of the development of partnerships with other Christian organizations for pastoral training and leadership development; and will also be working hand in hand with the Jesus Film Coordinator and NCM Coordinator in the area of training.

As the new PHILTEEN Coordinator, Mark has great dreams for PHILTEEN. His vision for PHILTEEN comes in 6 phases:

A. Enhancement of Theological Education Extension (TEE) program (Partnership with the educational providers)

  • Training of extension teachers
  • Development of accessible resource libraries for extension centers
  • Curriculum assessment and evaluation of TEE program

B. Upgrade/Expansion of pastors’ pursuit for ministry excellence (In cooperation with District Ministerial Studies Board):

  • Life-long learning (CEU)
  • Providing bi-vocational training opportunities
  • Sending and supporting assigned pastors to attend trainings & workshops

C. Training of Pastors to equip lay people for effective ministries in their church and communities
D. Scholarships for qualified Theological Education Extension students (Tuition and books)
E. Bringing partner agencies (local, national, & international) to educational providers and district for ministry training and awareness
F. Incorporate and/or integrate current contextual / social issues for ministry awareness and door of opportunity for ministry (both educational provider and district level)

Mark is married to Mrs Jasmin Eugenio.  They are both graduates of Luzon Nazarene Bible College and Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. They pastored two churches – Calamba Church of the Nazarene and Tabuyoc Church of the Nazarene. They also taught at Luzon Nazarene Bible College for many years and at the University of Eastern Pangasinan.

Mark will be teaching one course at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary and will also start his PhD in Philippine Studies at the University of the Philippines this year while serving as PHILTEEN Coordinator.

Let us all welcome Rev. Mark Eugenio and offer our prayers and support to him as he helps the Philippine field to develop more leaders for God’s Kingdom.

*More on PHILTEEN:
It was started as a response to the need for district-based ministerial education that seeks to provide flexible ministerial training to pastors and church leaders who cannot make to Bible College – by bringing the Bible College to the district. Thus, students meet for TEE in each district at any convenient place they can find. The district centers, church and/or church school buildings are just examples too common as meeting places.

PHILTEEN further seeks to fast-track pastors and church leaders’ completion of ministerial Course of Study required by the Manual for ordination. Therefore, it does not run programs or trainings other than what the educational providers (Philippine Nazarene College and Visayan Nazarene College) offer. It only coordinates with the education providers as to their TEE course offerings.

As a general practice, TEE courses are taught during summer breaks. Teachers from our educational providers are sent to the district “centers” to teach a week-long intensive course. At other times, qualified district teachers do the teaching. Most often, students are given extended days to finish their assignments and/or paper works.

Although the original targets of TEE are the pastors who need to complete the Course of Study to qualify for ordination, many lay members also enroll to gain basic knowledge and skills for ministry. In addition to that, there are also others who enroll to hone their ministerial skills. Thus, reaching their aim to equip not only ministers, but ALL the church to make disciples of all nations, as Christ has commanded us to do.