Mindanao, Philippines: On 3-6 February 2024, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Philippines through the Nazarene Disaster Response team provided immediate help to 400 affected families from 18 areas in Eastern Mindanao due to the severe flooding that devastated the province.  

The Whole town under water Carmen-Tagum city area

The Provincial Board of Davao Oriental has placed the entire province under a ‘state of calamity’ due to the destruction wrought by floods and landslides by the continuous rain spawned by the shear line that prevailed over the Davao region in the last few weeks. From 25 January 25 to 9 February 2024,  the province experienced two consecutive Low-pressure areas that brought most areas under a state of calamity. Two major landslides claimed more than 80 lives as recorded. Thousands of families were displaced because of massive flooding.

The Church of the Nazarene in Mindanao is divided into the Mindanao East and Mindanao West districts. In this case, the East side has the most number of casualties. Mindanao West district, headed by DS Dan Balayo, was the first to extend help to the neighboring district by sending 300 Crisis Care Kits and other relief goods and special offerings from local churches.

After a rapid assessment conducted by the NCM team on the ground, Rev. Jaime Eniceo (NCM-PMF Field Coordinator) and Rev. Tadeo Bolins (PMF-NDR in-charge) traveled to the Davao Region to facilitate and supervise the relief operations.

On the first day of the relief operations, the team went to Lupon and Mati City. They set up a ‘child-friendly space’ and conducted debriefing sessions while the other members distributed relief goods. This was made possible because of the partnership provided by the Field’s NMI, NYI, districts, local churches, and individuals who raised funds to contribute to these relief operations.

Tagum City Church of the Nazarene had the opportunity to host and use their church to be the command center for the relief operations. They also partner with the National Police Special Action Force for security, manpower and transportation so that the NDR team can reach even the most difficult areas affected by the flooding.

Calamities like this truly show the meaning of church. Giving compassion to people affected by this tragedy gives us opportunity to be hands and feet of Jesus. I want to thank those who prayed, gave for this cause and to our leaders who did the immediate response to those who were affected by they flooding. – Sherwin Basmillo (Mindanao East District – NDR Coordinator)

Please pray for the affected families as they recover from this tragedy. Pray for the church as they continue to minister to the people affected through child debriefing sessions and child-friendly spaces.