Yangon, Myanmar: The Pastor’s Kids Ministry had a successful launch despite the many challenges happening in Myanmar. The event took place alongside the Pastors’ Conference from 18-22 September 2023. Over 45 children aged under 4 up to 18 years old participated in this inaugural event.

The gathering was a significant time for these children and their parents as this was the first time that they joined a district-level program together. This gives them a unique opportunity to bond with each other, reflect on their calling, be renewed, and be inspired by the messages of God and the Holy Spirit.

Leody Tan Echavez III, Asia-Pacific Regional Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Coordinator, and Dan Balayo, Asia-Pacific Regional Holistic Child Development Coordinator, served as speakers during the event. They emphasized the importance of these PKs to God, to the church, and to the ministry.

Child Protection awareness was also engagingly and helpfully discussed through games and the story of Tamar. The PKs also had fun playing games and learning new action songs. Their engagement was terrific. The pastor’s kids had fun while learning during the program.

The pastors were encouraged and challenged to have a ministry for the PKs at the district, zone, and local church levels. The church must seize the chance to make Christlike Pastor’s Kids in Myanmar since they are the most significant resources to help the church.

 “I am so happy to see and made many new friends with other pastor’s kids who are like us. I really would like to see them soon.” Esther, 10-year-old PK

By Jerome Thuama (SEA-NCM Coordinator)