Myanmar, Southeast Asia Field: This past March, leaders met in Myanmar to discuss the definition of “Church” and to understand how they could be more effective at making “Christlike disciples.”


One of the laymen who attended, Mr. Thana,  came to explore his own hunger and calling to serve the church. Thana was moved to tears as he listened to the discussion and inspiring definition of what it means to be “church.”

This past week, the following update came from Bill Kwon, Myanmar Country Coordinator:

Bill Kwon and Mr. Thana

Bill Kwon and Mr. Thana

God has brought new lives into the Kingdom through the ministry of Mr. Thana!  In a location about 25 miles from Tahan, (Myanmar) seven members of two different families have given their hearts to Christ!  This weekend we will be welcoming them into the church.

image4This is exactly what we were praying for when we met in March, that in Myanmar, our leaders would capture the vision of going and making Christlike disciples, impacting their communities.  For Mr. Thana and our churches in Myanmar,  seeing people give their hearts to Christ is not the end goal but rather just the beginning.   We are now working together with the local Tahan Trinity Church of the Nazarene,  to develop a plan for ongoing discipleship of these new believers, along with the potential of planting a new church in their community.  Twenty disciples have already expressed their desire to be trained and to plant churches in the near future. The district is praying for the commencement of a  Course of Study in September for these new disciples, training them up to be lay pastors and good shepherds.

Please join us in praying that these new believers will continue to invite neighbors from their community to experience the peace, hope, and joy that is found through a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

— Submitted: Bill Kwon, Myanmar Country Coordinator.  

Main photo credit:  National Geographic