Regional Announcement:   Our kids are growing up in a very different world than we did; most of us didn’t have smart phones, tablets or social media. We are parenting in the 21st century in a new atmosphere: the pace of change is great as are the distractions, temptations, and pressures on our families. So we as parents need new tools and strategies. We need new levels of encouragement from one another.

It is estimated that kids today are exposed to over 14,000 sexualized messages each year and porn sites are available 24/7. The world is screaming to our kids about sex. But God’s story of sex is better, and it’s timeless.

Our job as parents is to share this story with our kids. But first, we need to understand this story ourselves, and why it is the better story, indeed the best story. Parents, you have what it takes to help your kids not just survive in a sexualized and digital age, but to thrive and lead others.

“Parenting in a Sexualized Culture”

This webinar is designed to equip parents, grandparents, and leaders who minister to parents with tools, strategies, and biblical understanding to help their families thrive in a sexualized, digital age. The content is a condensed version of pureHOPE’s video resource Quest: Parenting in a Sexualized Culture (available at

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This webinar will be offered during the day on April 21st and in the evening on April 26th.

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