Kudjip Mission Station, Papua New Guinea:  Over the past few weeks we have been reporting about how the drought in Papua New Guinea has reached a severe state. The much-depended-upon gardens of the students at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College (MNBC) and Teacher’s College (MNTC) have long-since dried up.

Simbu / Eastern Highlands District Council brings food to MNBC.

Simbu / Eastern Highlands District Nazarene Missions International (NMI) council blesses MNBC / MNTC with food relief. 

Kudjip Mission Station, home of Nazarene Hospital, is Just fifteen minutes away from the Bible college and Teacher’s college. While they too have been suffering with the drought, their situation regarding food has not been quite as severe.

MNBCThis last week, only God could have known what the nursing college students, hospital staff, and mission station workers would do to help out their brothers and sisters in need at MNBC and MNTC.

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Serving as the tangible hands and feet of Christ is nothing new for the Nazarene Health Ministries. Whether it be through medicine or other acts of compassion, they are called to impact their communities for Christ!

When the news of the need made its way to Kudjip station, people  began to pray, and then they put actions to their prayers…they began to give. In just two days, more than 17,000 Kina ($6,060) had been raised! Considering the salary of the average worker, this represents an amazing sacrifice!

MNBC_CheckOther churches and districts also brought food and money to MNBC.  Through the combined efforts and immediate response of God’s people, the Bible college has enough food to finish the year.

PastorsThe staff and leadership of Nazarene Health Ministries understands that training future pastors is at the heart and sole of the Nazarene church in PNG. They wanted to make sure that the educational programs were not disrupted by the drought.

This type of sacrificial giving truly is the heart of compassion, and the evidence of the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit!

Please continue to pray for the rains to return to Papua New Guinea, and that the word of the Lord would be proclaimed from the valleys to the highlands!

Give to the food relief distributions by clicking on the above link.

Give to the food relief distributions by clicking on the above link.

You too can give by visiting this Link:





— Contributor: Diane Chapman, Harmon Schmelzenbach