As they were winding down for the night in Tubigon, central Philippines. The relief supplies arrived by truck on the ferry, and additional supplies that could not fit on the truck were brought in by “pump boat” which is basically a very large ocean going boat with outriggers on both sides. The team was very thankful that prayers were answered and everything arrived for staging. The team that was sent to do an assessment in another area, returned that evening to let them know that there was a community cut off from water supplies. They will be headed there first thing in the morning to see what can be done. It was reported that they have painted “help water” on the ground so that it might be seen by helicopters passing overhead. The team has experienced four significant aftershocks since arrival, so they are all a bit on edge, ready to leave any building they might be in on a moment’s notice. Consequently, they, like many others who call that area home, are sleeping in tents outdoors, not trusting the already stressed concrete structures. Please continue to pray.

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Bohol Province, Philippines: The Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) / Nazarene Disaster Response (NDR) team touched down in Bohol Province shortly after 4pm Wednesday, October 30th. The area devastated by the 7.2 earthquake of October 15th.  Prayers for the team and the people in Bohol are needed as the aftershocks continue.  There have been over 3,000 aftershocks since Oct 15th.

The media has pulled out of the Bohol area and gone on to the next big event, but the Church of the Nazarene has stayed and will continue to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people. Contributions to the World Evangelism Fund (WEF) help to make this ministry possible.

“This is YOUR response as you give to missions, and we are your messengers, ” stated Todd Aebischer, Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Coordinator. “Watch as coverage of this team’s trip and the impact of your contributions to Missions through WEF giving is featured over the next few days.”

Story contributed by Todd Aebischer – World Mission Communications, on the ground in Bohol, Philippines.

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