Pampanga, Philippines: The Philippines-Micronesia Field office led a team on a weekend missions trip to the Pampanga Province in the Philippines, visiting two churches. The team, led by Field Strategy Coordinator Arnel Piliin and his wife, Inocencia, was joined by members of the field office, missionaries, and laity.

They first visited a tribal church, Cananaoan Church of the Nazarene. The church, pastored by Gono Ernesto Jr., and his wife, Jhelenn, is nestled in the Arayat mountainside. To reach the community, travelers must complete a notoriously challenging hike since the area is not directly accessible by car.

“It was a lovely day, and we were greeted by beautiful children who were smiling ear to ear,” said Pastor Shally Limon, a participant in the missions trip.

The team addressed basic needs by providing milk, rice, bread, and canned goods to the community food pantry. They also passed out some clothing and goods for the children, which was met with much joy and gratitude from the locals. 

“During this past year, one of the exciting developments in our community came within the individual members,” Ernesto said. “There was a new sense of belongingness and commonness of everyone. People were concerned with each other and making sure that no one was left behind. The community also took this COVID season as a time to learn about the virus and how to grow their faith. On a practical side, there was a new consciousness of hygiene, and this has been integrated into their lifestyle.”

After visiting the Cananoan Church, the team traveled south to the Planas Church of the Nazarene. The church is still in its infancy stage and is looking for a lot to build a church building. 

“Praise God for the channels of blessing He is using and how He will bless these people, not just for physical needs but spiritual as well,” said Janet Wilkins, a missionary on the team. “What a blessing for the Philippines-Micronesia Field office to enjoy a great time of sharing with the Metropolitan Luzon District and to see the ministry that is happening there.”