NYI Philippines organized a local Mission Trip in partnership with Panay District on 25-30 August 2022. 13 young professionals from Metro Manila, Luzon, Eastern Visayas, and Panay District participated in this ministry opportunity.

Panay District consists of 40 churches and around 3,000 members (as of 2021 statistics). For the past months, they have been strengthening their young professional group by having regular online and face-to-face fellowships.

In partnership with NYI, they were able to raise funds to use for the mission trip. The team gave four Industrial fans to Logingot Church of the Nazarene and one drum set to Granada Church of the Nazarene. They also did some work at Danao-Danao Church of the Nazarene. The church usually gets knee-level flooding during high tide, so the team helped with raising the church floor to address the flooding issue. The group also helped with the roofing of the church extension in Lantangan Church of the Nazarene.

Aside from work, the team also did outreach programs for children and young adults and house-to-house visitations in the communities where these churches are located. This resulted in several members being reconnected to the local church, and some even attended the in-person worship the next Sunday.

“It is my very first mission trip and I experienced renewed sense of purpose in serving the Lord. God truly restored the joy in my life through working with newfound friends, sharing passion in ministry, meeting people for the first time, and sharing the greatest news and gift of Salvation. Overall, the trip was nothing short of amazing. it is life-changing. God was truly present in the mission trip through the incredible faith of the people in Islas de Gigantes. I will definitely be joining another mission trip soon!”

Gideon Hilarde, Progreso CON, Panay District