NYI Indonesia’s Mission Journey: Serving Biak Island

Jan 26, 2024

On 18-24 December 2023, 18 youths from Alethia Church of the Nazarene in Papua, Indonesia, went on a mission trip to Biak Island. The mission trip theme is from Philippians 1:22a, “But if I have to live in this world, it means that for me I work to give fruit.” The trip aims to educate young people about blessing other local churches and their communities and engage them in missions.

The group was immersed in various activities. They conducted a workshop entitled “Why Should I Serve?” which motivated the young people to be involved in the ministry and to serve the Lord. The team also provided workshops like Worship Leading, Singing, Multi-media training, and music to equip and train the young people as they serve the church on Biak Island. The team also discussed the challenges in the ministry during these workshops.

The team also distributed electric fans, Bibles, Drawing books to children, and devotional books to teens. They also partnered with Project Pilhipus to give books, provide necessities and toiletries for church members, and help clean the church and the streets.

With this mission trip, the young people from Aletheia Church testified that they gained new experiences in new places and were happy because they could be a blessing to other people. Ranny, the leader of NYI Aletheia, shared that she was very happy and blessed during the Mission Trip. She was very happy because this was the first Mission Trip initiated by NYI Aletheia.

Putting together a mission team can be financially challenging, especially for the Altheia NYIs. But this did not hinder them from pursuing their plan. They raised funds every Sunday for nine months (March to November 2023). They had motorbike washing, selling ice, and cleaning their member’s backyards. In October, they still lacked funds, but Ranny was reassured by God’s word from Psalm 114:8 and Psalm 115:14-15. The miracle happened, at the end of October all the financial needs were met. Several parents expressed their support on the mission trip, and by December, all the funds needed had come through.

Ranny Bandaso also said, “One thing that I always hold in my life is that I am only a servant and steward in God’s field; the one who owns the field is the Lord Jesus. If we work honestly and faithfully, then God will bless our work”.

This trip enabled young people to be involved in the mission and be rooted to deepen their faith in Jesus through meaningful experiences, challenges, opportunities, trust, and support from leaders and the local church.

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Wendi Pasaribu

Wendi Pasaribu is the Communications Coordinator for Sealands Field.

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