NYI camp challenges youth to ‘go against the flow’

Dec 1, 2023

Juventude Nazareno Internasional Timor-Leste held another youth camp on the same day that most people commemorate, ‘Finadu Day,’ and over 100 young people participated on 31 October-3 November 2023. 

Finandu Day is when people in Timor Leste visit cemeteries to pray and ask for blessings from their ancestors. The JNI (NYI) Timor Leste is trying to go against the flow instead of following what they’re used to. Most of the young people assumed that they would be facing persecution by challenging their culture.

The camp’s theme is “We are Soldiers of Christ,” which is taken from 2 Timothy 2:4. With this theme, JNI encourages youth to be firm and steadfast in Christ, like a soldier who fights so that they are pleased with their commander, Christ.  

One of the wonderful sessions was on the second night when the Pastor started preaching the Gospel and challenged young people to accept Christ afterward. For young people who already believe in Christ but want to recommit their faith in Christ, Pastor Soares asked them to move forward. Most participants came to the altar, and the pastors prayed for them. 

Linciana Soares de Oliveira (Rosa) shared her testimony during the youth camp. Rosa said, “I am grateful to God because I was able to attend this Youth Camp. Before I participated in this Youth Camp, I was a little doubtful about myself because there were several things that I was thinking about before going, but I thank God because I was able to make the right decision and attend Youth Camp. Through this Youth Camp, I learned many things, including a session that said, “Don’t limit God’s power by underestimating yourself and learn to respect yourself.” Also, it was a session that taught us to be ready to step forward with faith, not depending on today or tomorrow. This means that our faith must not depend on just today or tomorrow. Stepping in faith means that in the various situations we face, we keep going and hold on to our faith; our faith in God does not depend on time or the situation we face”.

JNI Timor Leste is committed to setting this date as a national day on the JNI calendar. JNI is trying to commit to holding a youth camp every year on this special date so that the young people of Timor Leste continue to walk in faith with Jesus, even though it is hard and challenging.

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Wendi Pasaribu

Wendi Pasaribu is the Communications Coordinator for Sealands Field.

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