A year ago, the Southeast Asia field dreamed of a new ministry focused on empowering Myanmar kids living in the factory outside Bangkok. Myanmar kids in this community often live “outside” of society – struggling to attend Thai school, living in unsafe housing conditions, facing the threat of detention centers, and constantly running the streets since caregivers are working in the factory for 10-15 hours a day.

New Creation Center started with only six kids. Over the past year, more than 50 children have been part of the program. This program is essential because the seeds planted in the hearts of the children have the potential to create a lasting impact in their lives.

The following stories from the few students convey the reason why the New Creation Center do what they do.

Ethan* (12 years old)
When Ethan came to the center, he’d never been to school in his life. The teachers figured he was 6 years old. The volunteers at the center were amazed when his mom told them he was 12. He faces lifelong medical and severe learning challenges, but – this kid is an overcomer! The kid who didn’t know numbers 1-10 can now add and subtract on his fingers (and toes!) After a year in the program, his biggest strength in school is telling Bible stories.

June* (11 years old)
June came to the center about 2 months after it started. She’s a natural-born leader. She quickly picked up everything, even though she’d never experienced formal education.  After five months, June’s family decided to enroll her in the local Thai school. This choice was more accessible for June because she learned the basics of Thai, English, and Math while at New Creation. The team celebrates with her as she continues her learning journey and knows that enrollment in a Thai school is a great way to create a better future in her life!  The teachers often see her in the neighborhood and pray that the Biblical foundation laid will never leave her heart. 

Tia* (12 years old)
Tia came to our center about 5 months ago. Her mother was a teacher in Myanmar. Our staff could tell she had spent time in formal education. The transition to school was easy for her. After some time, her mother found a new factory job… hours away from Bangkok. Now Tia stays temporarily at our center and only sees her family every few months. The goal is always to keep families together, but the most difficult situations allow the center to shelter and love those who need it most. Pray that the Lord continues to hold Tia’s heart in the trauma of separation and redeems this season to make life-long lasting changes in her heart.

All of the 29 current students are from non-Christian families. Pray for the staff and team of New Creation Center for opportunities to share Christ’s love and salvation with these students and their families. Pray also for the future development of the ministry. There are many challenges, but he sustains and provides for their every need. We marvel at his faithfulness this past year! 

*Names are changed for protection.

Reported by: Charity Shonamon

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