In 2020, Shalom Community Center, a church planting area in Papua District, Indonesia was started by Mrs. Rumeni Br. Silitonga and her husband Victor Suebu. Even though their resources are limited, this couple has committed their lives to reaching many souls through the opportunities that God has given them.

One of these opportunities came when one man attending Shalom became sick. The pastor ministered to this man by praying for him regularly. When the man was healed, the pastor asked the man if he wants to start a mission work in their place. The man responded positively and was very happy.

Shalom Community Center is a young church, with 5 families in their congregation. Even though they are young and small, this church is passionate to evangelize and preach the gospel. So, when their pastor shared the challenge to go and have a revival service in the Senggi area, the church accepted the challenge.

Senggi area is an area very far from Shalom Community Center. It is an 8-hour road trip with very bad roads and ravines. Aside from the location, Shalom church has very few resources. What seems impossible became easy when the families worked together to raise funds for the revival. Also, unexpectedly one person donated money to pay for the rental of the sound system and other equipment. By God’s grace and with the commitment of the people to the work of the Lord, the revival was held in the Senggi area.

The revival started with a children’s program. Around 65 children participated in the games and Bible Storytelling. The children also received a small gift prepared by Shalom church.

While the children’s program is happening, there was heavy rain. The pastor was anxious that the people will not come to the revival. But even this challenge became a blessing. The pastor found out that the entire community relies on rainwater for their daily needs. Right after the children’s program, the rain also stopped, and the people in the community have already collected enough rainwater to use in the next few days. They also had time to physically prepare themselves for the revival service. When the revival started about 120 people came and gave their lives to Christ.

The work in the Senggi area has just started. Shalom Community Center plans to continue the church planting in this area. Pray that God will provide the workers with this great harvest.